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Digging Deep with DJ Ben Wright

Saturday, 6:30pm | Youth

The task of the DJ is to present an original work made from the work of others. During this session, Youth will learn the art of “”crate digging”” disc jockey’s utilize to unearth overlooked treasures hidden amidst the mundane and how these tracks come together to construct the story the DJ wishes to tell. Youth will also get an opportunity to experiment with electronic instruments including trying their hands at scratching. Opportunities for group sing-a-longs and karaoke will also be presented during this time of digital music magnificence with Goose’s own house DJ.

Ben Wright 

Never one to miss a Wild Goose, DJ Ben Wright lives in Southside Virginia
where he infotains primary school students as the Outreach STEM Educator
for the Danville Science Center. Baptist bred and Wake Div. ed., Ben also
teaches as adjunct faculty for Apex School of Theology. He has been
altering audio since 1997 and identifies Electronic, Old Skool, and Funk as
his preferred genres. Ben travels life with wife Rebecca, stepson Brandon,
and grumpy hedgehog Stare.

Session ID [302]
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