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My Body, Your Body, Our Bodies: Youth Forum on Body and Relationship

Taleese Morrill, JP Morrill, Christi Malone, Grayson Hester

Saturday, 5:00pm | Youth

Panel discussion

Taleese Morrill

Taleese Morrill is the Youth Ministry Coordinator at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Asheville. She moved to the mountains with her husband seven years ago where they were inspired by the passion and activism of the faith community around them. She is passionate about doing away with the purity-culture shame that encompassed her youth and focusing on constant transparency and openness in her work with teenagers.

JP Morrill
JP felt bored all too often in the pews of churches, and chased mysticism and spiritual growth along paths of many faiths through his early twenties. The familiarity of the Christian stories, and his inability to ignore the compelling story of Jesus brought him back to Christianity. As a layperson who’s volunteered with youth for the last 3 years, his faith is deeply informed by his work with children and teens with mental health diagnosis and students with special needs as a special education teacher in public schools in WNC.

Christi Malone
Christi is a Richmond, VA native who graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012. She currently works at VCU and coaches all-star competitive cheerleading. She will soon be beginning a new adventure by moving to Japan to live and work for a year to teach English while serving as a cultural ambassador. This is her second Wild Goose Festival and she could not be happier to be here!

Grayson Hester

Grayson Hester is currently a pastoral intern at Glendale Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a welcoming and affirming congregation affiliated with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America. He graduated just two months ago from Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee with a degree in communications and religion. When he’s not communicating religiously, he enjoys hiking, playing guitar, running, reading, and a whole bunch of other gerunds. This is his third time at the Goose and is hoping it really is the charm.

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