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Yoga for Youth

Saturday, 9:00am | Youth

Class will explore yoga poses which build strength and flexibility but will go beyond the physical practice of yoga to cover respect for and awareness of our bodies. We will discuss the concepts of non¬-violence, truthfulness, gratitude, moderation, and the cultivation of compassion and inner calm. We will also work on building self¬-esteem and confidence through a playful mix of balancing, challenge and flow. Connecting to ourselves, each other and our communities we will draw upon what stories have made up our lives to date to bring us to this very moment.

Anita Grace Brown

Anita Grace Brown is a wife, mama and yoga + meditation teacher hailing from beautiful South Jersey. Each day she enters the meadow with Sierrra, her golden retriever to affirm that ‘Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is”. She loves being a student of life even more than her role as teacher and humbly returns to Wild Goose for all the gifts of music, art and justice. Anita leads practice from her sacred heart connected to the Christ mystery in us all.

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