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Mysticism: The Divine Romance

Saturday, 3:00pm | Library

Does your experience of God resemble a torrid love affair more than a staid spiritual discipline? Inherently relational and undeniably intimate, mystical encounters with God have the potential to draw us into the Mystery in a very personal way. But without a safe place to share our stories, feelings of loneliness and isolation can develop. Join Victoria in this experiential exploration of Divine Romance through contemplation, lament, movement, music, poetry, and most importantly, stories. While the mystic path is a solo one, it doesn’t have to be lonely. All mystical traditions are welcome, bring your stories and an open heart. Participants are invited to arrive with yoga mats, blankets, or other items to create a space of comfort for this authentic and often vulnerable experience.

Victoria Lantz

Victoria Lantz brings to life her experiences of the Divine through a variety of creative expressions. She is an author, poet, podcaster, artist, speaker, song writer, meditation leader, spiritual gathering facilitator, and sacred listener. Her self-published books include God Is: An Accidental Mystic Discovers the Nature of God, You’re Not Crazy: and Other Encouraging Words Every Mystic Needs to Hear, Longing: Poems from a Mystic Heart, and Union: Mystic Musings and Stories. She also hosts the God Is Podcast available on iTunes and the You Have Been Invited Meditation Series available on Insight Timer. Additionally, she helps others embrace their spiritual journeys through her Let’s Get Real! gatherings and in one-on-one listening sessions. Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, Victoria can typically be found hiking the desert landscape or playing her pineapple ukulele. Visit her website at

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