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How to Talk to Kids When You Don’t Know What You Believe

Friday 1:00pm | Library

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a parent whose child has, at some point, asked you an insanely insightful question about (insert religious element here) which left you frozen in terror because you had no idea how to respond. Am I right? I’ll tell you a secret – they may not have been asking because they needed you to have an answer. Perhaps they were asking because they needed validation that their wonderings mattered. My greatest plea to parents is this: Don’t let the fear of passing along harmful theology keep you from passing on anything at all. There are ways to have these conversations, ways to engage in spiritual practices, and ways to travel together in this great Divine Mystery that will nurture not only your child(ren) on their spiritual journey but will no doubt nurture you, too.

Anna Skates 

Anna was born in Birmingham, Alabama and currently lives in Tennessee, where she serves as a Children’s Pastor. She is a graduate of Belmont University with a BA in Religion; a post-graduate of the University of Alabama where she obtained her Masters in Library and Information Studies with a focus in Children’s Library Services; and currently attends Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Anna has curated a progressive curriculum developed for children ages 3-11 that has been used by congregations across the country.  She has also written and illustrated a children’s book called “Sully’s Light.” Anna writes for “UnFundamentalist Parenting” and is featured in “Growing in God’s Light,” a Children’s Storybook Bible set for release in 2018.

Most importantly: Anna is a lover of cheese, her two dogs “June” and “Beast,” and is an avid Gilmore Girls fan.

Facebook: Anna Skates | Instagram: anna_skates | Twitter: @anna_skates

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