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Justice is Both Bigger and Smaller Than You Think

Holly Duncan, Ben Garrett

Friday, 5:00pm | Landing

There can be no denying that we live in a time that cries out for justice. It seems that nearly every day we are shown some new act of violence or forced to suffer some outrageous indignity. Yet, the practice of justice-making is bitter hard work. Through their nonprofit EIRO, Holly Duncan and Ben Garrett have been exploring how to practice justice: on a communal level, on an interpersonal level, and within ourselves. Their workshop will focus on different practices that bring these dimensions of justice-making together and how we can all experience greater wholeness.

EIRO / Ben Garrett and Holly Duncan

Holly Duncan and Ben Garrett are EIRO. EIRO exists to invite and equip churches to join in the flourishing of their communities. Through workshops, consultations, and relationship building, EIRO is bringing churches back into their neighborhoods where they can join in God’s reconciling work.

Holly is originally from Chattanooga and has lived in Tucker, Georgia for the past 11 years. Prior to founding EIRO, Holly was the Executive Director for NetWORKS Cooperative Ministries. She led NetWORKS through a change process to create a ministry that was focused on building relationships and aimed at empowering everyone who came into contact with her ministry.

Ben is a Marietta, Georgia native. He has worked with churches and nonprofits in Atlanta, Birmingham and Chicago. Ben is a fairly recent divinity school graduate and often still thinks on the quarter system.

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