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Living the Desanka Way Everyday

Saturday, 5:00pm | River

Desanka is a spiritual community with a mission to walk in the way of Love. We are a collection of individuals from varying faith streams who love to Love – to BE Love. We will be discussing WHY we do what we do, WHAT we actually do and HOW we do “”Desanka””. We will talk about what the Desanka Way is and how to implement this conscious, Jesus-centered lifestyle and ministry in one’s community and life. A panel of seasoned Desankaites will be available for Q&A after the short presentation.

This program will be presented several times throughout the weekend in the Desanka Spirit Café.

Jordan Bowman

Jordan has been coming to Wild Goose since 2011. He has volunteered for many years and now is serving as a contributor. Jordan also contributes to Goose and many other gatherings by serving with Desanka. A passion for loving and for being love to strangers all over the world coupled with a deep respect for the teachings of Jesus led him to Desanka and he jumped right in.

When it isn’t festival season, Jordan splits his time between perusing a Business degree from NC state University and leading a boys mentoring organization in the Raleigh area called Journeymen Triangle.

Jordan aspires to do many things during his short time here on this Earth. He plans to use his degree and life experiences to assist in the spiritual revolution, this time of global conscious awakening that we are living through and can be a part of.

Peter Lanier  

Peter is an avid gardener, landscaper and writer. He has been serving with Desanka since 2014. Currently he is managing the Desanka Community Garden, which aims to provide our local community with fresh produce, and he contributes content for the Desanka website blog.

Jenna Bowman 

Jenna can usually be found riding around the grounds in various trucks, putting up and down the festival and making sure it all works. When she’s not doing that, you may find her helping out at the Desanka tent. She’s been volunteering here since The Goose’s second year.

She’s traveled and lived in Kenya, India, Peru, South American, and the U.K., knows various different sign languages and has worked with the Deaf worldwide. Jenna treasures family and community, and has a heart to serve, to give and spread love to anyone and everyone. She’s Interested in anything and everything involving human connection, nature, meditation and spirituality.

Papy Fisher 

Papy is a warrior-lover, attempting to love every person in the world with the One True Love. His paying gig is being an Outreach Pastor at Fellowship of Christ, EPC in Cary, NC where he is given amazing latitude to teach, train, equip and release some of the most giving and loving individuals in God’s green earth. Papy, when asked what he believes, considers himself “”biblically conservative and socially liberal””. Yes – oxymoronic, but that complexity is Love and Papy is all about Love.

In an attempt to revitalize and invigorate the faith-life of young adults in his circles, Papy has founded Desanka which is more of a movement rather than an organization or mission arm of a church. Through Desanka (and another non-profit he helped co-found called Journeymen Triangle, a mentoring network for boys and men), Papy hopes to mobilize a generation of “Lovers-of-Jesus” that seek to love others in the worth, the words, and ways of Jesus.

Papy is made more socially stable by his faithful wife of 34 years, Debbie. He has 3 adult sons and 100’s of spiritual sons and daughters he refers to as his “lovelies”. And they are lovely because they are each loved by the Person of Love. #DesankaOn

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