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Fighting City Hall

Saturday, 10:00am | Library

Given the current political climate this session will endeavor to create an open and honest conversation addressing where we are and how we can make a difference, both individually and corporately, in the policies and political landscape at the local, state, and federal level. This panel will discuss how they have been able to fight back through organizing, creating policy change, and running for elected office. Join seasoned veterans Joe McLean, Jeff Clark, Paula Sophia Schonauer, and Gwen Fry in this fight and important practical conversation.

Gwen Fry

The Reverend Gwen Fry is an ordained Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Arkansas. Her experience coming out as a trans woman of faith makes her keenly aware of the necessity for the equality of all God’s children.
Experiencing the effects of discrimination first hand, she has been actively involved in the work of justice in the transgender community both in Arkansas and across the Episcopal Church.
Gwen is an advocate and activist for the transgender community who was a leader in the coalition of organizations who fought back the anti-transgender bills introduced in the Arkansas General Assembly this year. She is the Vice President of National Affairs for Integrity USA. She is a board member of Pridecorps, an LGBTQ youth center in Little Rock, Arkansas. An active member of TransEpiscopal, Gwen, also serves on its steering committee.

Joe McLean

A veteran political and public affairs specialist with a winning history in groundbreaking political campaigns, not-for-profit institutions and advocacy organizations, McLean was part of the founding leadership team of Barack Obama’s successful U.S. Senate race and managed Governor L. Douglas Wilder’s historic election in Virginia.

He is widely recognized for breaking new strategic ground to keep his clients ahead of the political curve. McLean established the development structure for, which rose to prominence by making the voices of soldiers and veterans heard in the debate about the Iraq war.
McLean currently serves as President of the Crockett Policy Institute, a non-partisan think-tank dedicated to finding practical solutions to policy roadblocks in our hyper-partisan, divided polity.

McLean lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Kiki McLean and their two children.

Jeff Clark

When Jeff isn’t leading The Goose, he’s probably either teaching grad students at MTSU, riding a bike, consulting in a political campaign, dancing in a club on Broadway, directing an academic conference in Chicago, or out finding the best ice cream shop in town. Jeff is happiest when he’s multi-tasking.
Jeff loves music and production and creating. In addition to bringing strategic thinking to The Goose, you’ll find him all over the festival grounds making sure the lighting and sound are perfect. And dancing in front of the stage.
Jeff is President and Producer of the Wild Goose Festival and Director of Graduate Studies in IT at Middle Tennessee State University.

Paula Sophia Schonauer

Photo and Bio to come.

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