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Mindful Christianity: Practicing Mysticism

Friday, 3:00pm | Workshop

Mindfulness has been liberated from religion. Discover how religion can be liberated by mindfulness! Join with the mystics of the faith and experience mindful practices that have been woven into Christian spirituality for 2,000 years. Together, we will know God in silent contemplative prayer, in study of ancient and medieval texts, and through mindful liturgical and spiritual exercises. We will explore how mindful Christianity leads into a progressive form of the faith that is focused on spiritual practice and compassionate service rather than on doctrine and dogma. Participants will leave with a “”toolkit”” of mindful Christian practices for individuals and communities. Recommended reading before/during the session: MINDFUL CHRISTIANITY by Jim Burklo (2017, St Johann Press).

Jim Burklo

Jim Burklo is the Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California. He is a co-founder of, a campus-wide initiative for learning, practice, and research; he has been practicing and teaching mindfulness meditation for nearly 40 years. He is an ordained UCC pastor and the author of six books: Open Christianity; Birdlike and Barnless: Meditations, Prayers, and Songs for Progressive Christians; Hitch-Hiking to Alaska: The Way of Soulful Service; a novel, Souljourn; Deeper Love: Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change; and MINDFUL CHRISTIANITY. He writes a weekly blog, MUSINGS, on progressive Christian spirituality and social activism. Many of his liturgical elements and meditations appear at, and he is an activist, writer, and board member with Progressive Christians Uniting. An avid hiker and lover of the desert, he dabbles in artistic tinwork. He and his wife, Roberta Maran, live in Hollywood; they are blessed with three children and two grandchildren.

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