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Enneagram Convergence

Friday, 12:00pm | Portal

The Enneagram personality typing system helps people understand their identity and perspective on living, fostering self-knowledge, insightful and compassionate interpersonal relationships, and personal spiritual growth. This presentation will introduce participants to the nine Enneagram Types and show how knowledge of their attributes helps revolutionize their interpersonal perspective. The Enneagram helps us lament our egocentricity and evolve to a realization of our common connection to divine Essence. Broadening our self-knowledge leads to replacing self-destructive ego habits with a deeper appreciation for, and better engagement with, others, bearing fruit in acts of love, and compassionate response to injustice.

Paul RackĀ 

Paul and Susan Rack are Presbyterian ministers serving small churches in New Jersey. They have been trained under Russ Hudson at the Enneagram Institute in Stone Ridge, NY. They do workshops, seminars, and counseling using the Enneagram in different contexts. (They have attended Wild Goose Festivals since 2011.)

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