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The Parable of the Lego Brick: Creating New Communities of Faith Through Imagination

Luke, Laine, Annabel, and Oliver Lingle

Saturday, 12:00pm | Bridge

What is imagination? According to Webster, imagination is the ability to think of new things. My children love Legos. We do not go barefoot in our house.

The Christian church is experiencing a time of uncertainty. What does it look like bear the resurrected Christ into the world? Where do we, the exhausted and worried, find the strength to move forward into a new day.

I believe through both relationship and imagination we can begin to live out these questions.

When my children get a new Lego set, they follow the instructions, put the set together, and then break it apart and mix the Legos back in “the brick.” Then they begin to imagine new ways to put them together. What does imagination have to do with faith? I invite you to join me and my children to play with Legos and explore this question.
Luke Lingle

Luke Lingle
(Luke, Laine, Annabel, and Oliver)

Luke is a western North Carolina local who is searching for new ways to connect with God and people. Luke is an ordained United Methodist elder who has worked in the local church, as a church vitality strategist, and is now the Director of Community Development for the Missional Wisdom Foundation which teaches about and experiments with new forms of Christian Community. He is also a father, husband, basketball fan, and grill master.

As we are learning from quantum mechanics, at its most basic level, matter only exists in relationship to something else and we understand God as fundamentally relational within the trinity, so to know and experience God we do so most fully through relationship with others. Therefore, Luke believes that the way forward for Christian spirituality is through community.

Luke lives in Candler, North Carolina, with his family. and

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