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Christians, Ketchup, and China: An Identity Trip

Saturday, 1:00pm | Workshop

As a Hotdogger, Steve Ray traversed America in a 26’ hotdog on wheels. Amidst the many adventures, wildly diverse audiences would gather around the Wienermobile to enjoy the experience. While preparing for a trip to China, Steve observed a similar shared experience forming half way around the world. This time people weren’t uniting over a weenie on wheels; instead, the Chinese were latching on to Christianity; so fast, that in 15 years China will become the largest Christian nation in the world. While Chinese Christians develop a clear identity, how do the growing number of religiously unaffiliated Americans see themselves? What if- as the first mass multi-cultural democratic republic the world has ever seen- we could create a compassionate American identity? If a wiener whistle can unite America, so can we. It’s time to adventure through the spiritual revolution of America’s emerging generation.

Steve Ray

Steve Ray produces the podcast Farming God on the spiritual adventure of America’s emerging generation. He travels to China, Mexico, and across middle America, asking bigger questions that broaden our understanding, fuel our imagination, and put our anxiety into perspective. He needs your help. Join the journey at

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