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Prost!  Brew Theology Podcast

Saturday, 4:00pm | Library

To Prost or Not? I believe that is the defining question of our time. At the end of the day, people matter. To “Co-Exist,” while seemingly naïve, is the true heartbeat for a broken world. Can we co-exist and partner with those holding a vastly different belief system? It’s not only possible; it’s practically doable in the pubs. Start with our sacred bond of shared humanity.

“Can I seriously be honest here?” Where’s the bait and switch? Hidden agenda? Countless people are looking to find belonging, but a place much different from previous places that promised “safe” belonging. Disenfranchised folks are looking for peaceful places. Dejected yet sacred humans are looking to be loved no matter where they stand across the theological, political, economic, racial, sexual and gender spectrum.
Brew Theology isn’t just a “safe” place; it IS a brave space. That is something worth prosting over, friends.
Let’s Prost!

Ryan Miller

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998, and has worked as a Youth & Family Pastor, Campus Pastor, Missionary, Church Planter & Brew Theologian.

Ryan is the founder and Co-Director of Brew Theology. He currently serves as the Director of Denver Brew Theology. Ryan is a licensed minister, seminary graduate and enjoys quality craft beer, and meaningful conversation within genuine community. He’s also an avid San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys & Texas Longhorns faniac!

Ryan and his wife, Lauren, along with their two daughters live in the “best ‘hood in the US of A – Platt Park!” To learn more about Ryan, head over to or

Janel Apps Ramsey

Co-Director of Brew Theology and Director of NW Metro Brew Theology, Janel Apps Ramsey has been in ministry since college. She has served as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Worship Leader, Church Planter, & Prayer Director. She has taught all age levels throughout her career.
Janel is a seminary graduate and runs a house church for people reorienting in their faith. She enjoys walking with people through their faith journey. She loves Brew Theology, Colorado, washi tape, and mountains.
Janel and her husband Baird live on the north side of Denver with two cats. They periodically also have pet hedgehogs. You can see more of her work at

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