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Illiterate Light

Experimental Rock Duo visually, musically, and theatrically explores the concept of non-dual thought through juxtaposition of conceived opposites to engage the reality of “”Yes, and”” as well as “”Transcend and Include”” teachings: dark-light, angry-intimate, sad-silly, male-female, silence-noise, life-death. A time to dance and laugh at ourselves, a time to meditate on environmental destruction, a time to morn gun violence, a call to be grounded in community. A standing drummer, a guitarist who plays bass with his feet, lots of harmonies, lots of energy.

Illiterate Light

Illiterate Light is an alternative rock duet from Harrisonburg VA comprised of two best friends who strive to find the balance between late-night house shows and early morning farm chores. The Flaming Lips meets Contemplative Prayer meets Frank Zappa meets Apophatic Alternative Rock. Guitarist/singer Jeff Gorman is a student of Richard Rohr’s Living School for Action and Contemplation and plays guitar with his hands and bass with his feet as drummer Jake Cochran plays his customized drum set standing up while belting angelic harmony. Their prior Wild Goose appearance was in 2013 when they biked to Hot Springs from Harrisonburg as part of the “Petrol-free Jubilee Bicycle Tour.” They write about everything from non-duality to social justice to millennial dating norms.


Session ID [145]”

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