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An Exploration of Common Humanity Through Coming Out Stories

Friday, 10:00am | River

What do a couple of lesbians, a Japanese immigrant, and a 92-year-old Southern Pentecostal father have in common? The desire to be seen for who they are. During this session, their stories will intersect with very different results. Listeners will be encouraged to identify where they have experienced acceptance as well as rejection, simply because they are different. At the end, each participant will create original art to tell his/her/their story. Use your body as your canvas for your tattoo that shouts of your story of “”being seen””. Or for the fainter of heart, grab some paper and paint your joy or pain. We’ll display our art anonymously and spend some time reflecting on other’s voices. There’s no doubt; you will laugh, cry, think and have fun in this session. So, join me! Feel the power of story and self-discovery.

Tio Eshleman

Tio Eshleman is nothing if not passionate. From her early years in Pennsylvania to her exploration of the (inside) of a Pasadena mental hospital, she draws on her life as a gay, half-Japanese bipolar gal to create powerful stories of common humanity. Her stories pull you in. They make you giggle, ask you to sit with your tears and help you experience the “Ah…” of reflection. She is a highly-decorated physician and educator, recognized for her ability to connect with her patients and her students. If you don’t catch her in the middle of an operating room story to illustrate the beauty of grit, you’ll find her toodling about Little Rock, Arkansas. She can be found in the evenings relaxing by a backyard campfire with her mother, Setsuko, and with Sammy, her super smart poodle, IHHO.

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