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Telling a love story in a culture of fear

Friday, 9:00am | Workshop

“Telling a love story in a culture of fear”
This is a prayerful and tactical time that will offer both a framework to explore a spiritual life that empowers care for creation and people. This workshop will include some time of prayer that will inform our conversations about sharing stories of love and hope-filled action, particularly as we work for social and environmental transformation.
Some practical ideas may include:

– getting started on Twitter – trying your first rally or march – calling and meeting your government representatives
meeting with your government representatives – contacting the press with important stories and information
creating an effective testimony for public hearing – donating or volunteering for an organization for the first time but you’re not sure which one – trying Facebook live to share what’s happening around you – finding real facts and news about the things that matter to you – registering to vote – thinking through running for local government office
– sharing your story or helping someone share their story – connecting, getting support, supporting others

Scott Hardin-Nieri

Scott Hardin-Nieri is partner, dad, spiritual director, pastor, and sojourner. He is the Director of the Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina and Associate Minister of Green Chalice of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Prior to living in North Carolina, Scott and his family served in the vulnerable cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. There he learned to how to climb Fig Strangler trees, spot Two-toed Sloths, call like a Mot Mot, and listen to people and nature in a new way. Scott is an ordained pastor with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and enjoys accompanying people during transformative experiences, whether during hikes, spiritual direction, wilderness quests, shared stories, service learning trips, live music concerts, camps or retreats. He continues to be reminded of his true self most clearly in the forests, oceans and deserts and seeks to invite others, particularly faith communities into conversations regarding creation.

Dayna Reggero

Dayna Reggero is the Director of the Climate Listening Project. She has been traveling across the United States and around the world to connect and share hopeful conversations on climate and community. Her Climate Listening Project films explore the connections that are important to each of us: family, faith, business, community; and weaves together the latest science with inspiring stories from around the globe. Dayna started out as a spokesperson at 19 years old, appearing on television with local and endangered species. Dayna has been interviewed by CNN, appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX networks around the nation, coordinated with Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery and the Food Network for features, and collaborated with the Sierra Club for Years of Living Dangerously. Dayna has Master of Applied Science and Bachelor of Arts and Communications degrees. Full bio:

Deke Arndt

Deke Arndt is a climate scientist based in Asheville, North Carolina. For the past seven years, he has served as a lead editor of the State of the Climate report, published annually in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. The report is the “annual physical” of the climate system, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the atmosphere. More than 400 scientists from 50 countries contribute. He is currently the Chief of Climate Monitoring at Asheville’s National Centers for Environmental Information. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology and a member of St. Eugene’s Catholic Church in Asheville.

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