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Peace, Justice, and Pentecostalism
Daniel Rushing with Terry Threadwell, Carlos Rodriguez, Bec Cranford, and Kisha Parker

Early Pentecostalism was marked by racially inclusive worship, pacifism, and social engagement. Over the years, though, we have seen each of those original identifiers fade away. But the pacifist and social justice roots of Pentecostalism have not disappeared from the ethical life of all Pentecostals. Today, Pentecostalism a global movement with a majority of Christians who identify as Pentecostal living outside of North America, and this richly diverse movement is again turning its attention towards the issues of peace and justice. This panel is made up of several individuals who are using their Pentecostal faith as a foundation for social activism. We will explore the theological underpinnings of Pentecostalism and discuss the ways that Pentecostals can and are pursuing peace and justice again, in America and abroad.
Daniel Rushing, Terry Threadwell, Carlos Rodriguez, Kisha Parker

S. Daniel Rushing

S. Daniel Rushing is a son of the Pentecostal church. He found Jesus in the sweat and fervor of a rural Pentecostal church. He has pastored for over thirteen years in the Church of God. While earning his Master of Divinity at Gardner-Webb University, he worked with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina leading weekly conversations on campus about issues of racial justice. He resides in Mount Holly, NC with his wife Crystal and two daughters, Bianca and Olivia. He currently collaborates with churches interested in engaging issues of social justice, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Pax Pneuma.

Terry Threadwell
Terry is a pastor, professor, and prophet (modern day social activist). At 64, Terry is one of the oldest Millennials around. Passionate about social justice, peace and creation care, having written several short articles on the subject. An ardent socialist, he rejects the liberal tag often attached by some (Liberal, a want-to-be socialist, living a conservative lifestyle)
Terry holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Married to Ann for 42 years, he has three children, five grandchildren and yes, two great-grandchildren.

Carlos Simply Sonship

Carlos is passionate about reaching the world with God’s radical love. He is a provocative preacher who serves the local church and loves to pastor prisoners, young adults and anyone who dares to think differently. For 15 years he has been traveling the world reaching the most broken people with hugs, passion and the stories in Luke 15. In 2014 he began, an online magazine that reaches thousands of people daily by sharing the message of grace via whatever the heck is trending on the web. He is the author of Simply Sonship and the upcoming Drop The Stones. He also works as the director of Catch The Fire Latin America and is a Pastor at Catch The Fire in Raleigh, NC. Carlos and (his British darling) Catherine have two gorgeous boys and are awaiting a baby girl through adoption.

Oh yeah, he also wants everyone to know that he’s a Puerto Rican and he can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Kisha Parker
Kisha L. Parker is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana where she practices counseling and psychotherapy in a private practice setting that she owns entitled Healing Pathways Counseling & Consulting, LLC. There, Kisha assists children, adults, couples and families on their journeys towards mental and spiritual health and wholeness. Former board member of the Pride of Indy Bands and current member of Indy Pride, Kisha is also a licensed minister and ordained elder in a Pentecostal denomination. She is also a seminarian completing M.Div (Master of Divinity) studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. In her free time, Kisha enjoys babies, music, reading, Facebook, shopping, cooking, traveling, and SHOES!!!!!!!!

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