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This Is My Body, Written By You
Ben Brazil

Friday, 4:00pm | Bridge

If you squint, it’s almost like sacramental algebra. With apologies to the apostles John and Paul, it goes like this: Word (made flesh) = (Body of) Christ = Church. This workshop invites you to explore how the words of our individual stories connect to the Incarnate Word of Christ – and bring us together as Church. Together, we will give voice to the stories people tell about us and to the stories we tell about others; to the stories woven into the Goose and to the stories that are left out (or would simply prefer to be told elsewhere, thank you very much). Along the way, we’ll see how it feels when we are flattened into simple, “single” stories – as the writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has put it – as well as explore what happens to us = Church = Body of Christ when we tell our stories together.
Ben Brazil

Ben Brazil

Ben Brazil directs the Ministry of Writing program at the Earlham School of Religion, a Quaker seminary in Richmond, Indiana. He has worked as a scholar, a reporter, and a travel writer, publishing in venues ranging from The Washington Post to Killing the Buddha.

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