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Lydia’s House
Mary Ellen Mitchell

“”Throwing a party with the uninvited: How liturgy, worship, celebration and affirmation hold our Christian community of rich and poor, Black and White, young and old.”” This workshop will focus on our own journey to establish Lydia’s House as more than a social service agency for homeless women and children, but rather a home where a culture of shared practices and celebrations truly includes everyone at the table. We’ll outline the practices that have been effective for us and also the process that we took to move from ways that made sense only to the privileged to practices that give life to everyone. We will include the audience interactively in some of our liturgical or celebratory rites. We’ll invite the audience to share ways they’ve worshiped or celebrated across boundaries. Finally, we’ll create tools that we can all use when we return to our communities/ places of worship at home.
Mary Ellen Mitchell

Mary Ellen Mitchell

Photo and Bio to come.

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