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Reverend Trier

Reverend Trier grew up in a traditional, Roman Catholic household. A ULC-ordained minister, he has studied issues of spirituality, religion and social justice for most of his adult life. He has consulted with and taken part in symposiums presented by clergymen, psychologists, and psychiatrists, worked with homeless charities and the mentally-challenged, and has been a committed advocate for issues ranging from marriage equality and separation of church and state, to those adversely affected by racism, homophobia and serophobia. Outspoken and iconoclastic, Reverend Trier often finds himself at odds with the ‘conventional wisdom’ espoused by liberals and progressives alike. His mission is to initiate an honest, self-critiquing dialogue within church hierarchy and its parishioners, so that we may hold the mirror of truth up to ourselves, as much as we hold it up to others – replacing a literalist interpretation of scripture with a more Jesus-centered ideology of faith, hope and love.

87 A Dialogue With Brian McLaren and Reverend Trier

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