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Narcizo Martinez

Narcizo Martinez, affectionately known as ‘Pastor Nar’ or the ‘Christian Shaman’ (XianShaman), is a life-long lover and follower of the Way of Jesus. Central to his spirituality are Two Foundational Principles: (1) Great Spirit has expressed itself at all times, in all cultures, and through all people; and (2) God is Love. Nar has traveled within multiple streams of the Christian tradition since he came to faith during the Jesus Movement. He delights in the ability to freely flow within a broad spectrum of spiritual communities, expressions and practices … Christianity, Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism and especially Shamanism – which he sees as the root of all religious and spiritual traditions.

Nar is a lover and a healer and a hugger. His gifts of healing are largely expressed through touch (Sacred Touch); through ceremony (usually involving the Medicine Wheel); through aromatherapy and massage; and through Sacred Plant Medicines. He is also an artist/maker specializing is handcrafted jewelry, a podcaster, and, yes, an ordained minister.

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