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Meridith Owensby, Mary Ellen Mitchell, and Anne Housholder

Meridith Owensby, Mary Ellen Mitchell and Anne Housholder are founding members of Lydia’s House, an intentional Christian community in the Catholic Worker tradition located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lydia’s House has been providing transitional housing to homeless women, some with children, since its inception in 2014 and is currently working to expand into permanent, affordable housing. Between them Meridith, Mary Ellen and Anne have 25 friends of friendship, 13 years living in intentional community, four masters degrees (public health, rehabilitation, and theology x 2), one doctorate (medicine), three children (Annie, Sam and Jacob) and are faithful members of Catholic, Methodist and Episcopal churches. In the collective practices and celebrations of Lydia’s House Meridith specializes in custom limericks and prayers, Anne in baking, badge making and hand-made decor and Mary Ellen in holding space for joy and levity.

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