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Matthew Paul Turner 

Matthew Paul Turner is a blogger, speaker, and author of Hear No Evil, The Coffeehouse Gospel, & When God Made Yous, and several other popular books. As one of the most influential progressive Christian voices in media, Matthew has been featured on The Daily Beast, CNN, Washington Post, Yahoo!, USA Today, The New York Times, The Colbert Report, Gawker, and many more. Matthew has a sincere heart for the marginalized and relentless dedication to truth-telling. This passionate spirit motivates him to share rich stories that would often otherwise go unshared.
As a writer and photographer, Matthew has traveled extensively with World Vision to places such as Tacloban, Philippines; Entebbe, Uganda; Cochabamba, Bolivia; Gyumri, Armenia; and other locations documenting the vast effects of poverty. His travels have offered him a multitude of life-changing experiences, from praying with a family of HIV patients in the Dominican Republic to eating and conversing with a 26-year-old Iman and being blessed by a Hindu priest in Sri Lanka.
Matthew, his wife, Jessica, and his kids, Elias, Adeline, & Ezra, live in Nashville, Tennessee.

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