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Marshall Jenkins

J. Marshall Jenkins, Ph.D., is a spiritual director, author, and counseling psychologist. Since 2014, Marshall keeps coming back to the Goose because of the sacred souls who visit him here for spiritual companionship. The Spirit touches us powerfully and tenderly at WGF, most especially in these conversations. He will also lead an interactive program entitled, “Discernment: The Art of Really Living Your Faith.” Check out his blog at and his most recent book, Blessed at the Broken Places: Reclaiming Faith & Purpose with the Beatitudes, in the bookstore. Through listening and writing, Marshall facilitates discernment, graced healing, and everyday spirituality. Since 1987, Marshall has served as Director of Counseling at Berry College and conducted an evening private practice in psychotherapy and spiritual direction. He earned certificates in spiritual formation at Columbia Seminary and spiritual guidance at Shalem Institute. He lives in Rome, Georgia, with his lovely wife, Wanda Cantrell.

55 Discernment
351 Spiritual Direction

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