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Mario Farrow

SkyBlew, a young hip hop emcee who resides in North Carolina by way of Auburn, Alabama. He is rapidly becoming the hip-hop voice for a new generation with a NEW SOUND… His music is very positive and inspirational but it still gets the fans attention with infectious beats and lyrics. Speaking from his life experiences such as: foster care, homelessness and etc, he uses his message in hopes to make a difference and spread LOVE! He chose to rise above the dire circumstances and share his story. SkyBlew describes his sound as – Painting The Sky,Blew!!! Most say he is a breath of fresh air actually! Although he is an underdog, this young man still perseveres and has built a following that reaches far beyond the borders of this state. Following the narrative I Don’t Rap, I Paint The Sky,Blew!!! SkyBlew uses his sincere, substantive lyrics & colorful sound, to breathe life into music, and the world.

255 SkyBlew

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