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Kate Hurley

To my friends and the friends I have not yet met, let me tell you a bit about my journey…

I grew up in a mountain town in Colorado, surrounded by beauty. When I think of what gave me solace in that time, there are two things that come to mind: the old rickety upright piano in our living room that I would play for hours at a time and the big wheel I would ride around our deck with my brother Will. Those things still bring me joy…writing and playing music that I hope declares beauty to my community and to other communities,and the friends and family around the world that make my life meaningful.

After many years of writing songs “in the closet,” I finally went public and begantouring in 2002. This was also the same year that I started my non profit organzation, Mercy Projects. The goal of Mercy Projects is to bring visibility and funds to AIDchild orphanage in Uganda, iempathize, an organzation that fights child explotiation, and other charities that I have tried to support over the years.

A few years ago, I asked myself the question,”Kate what if for the rest of your life, all you did with your music was write songs for your neighbor that was going through a divorce or a death. Would that be enough for you?” I thought for a while and said “Yes it would be enough.” In the midst of this, I started teaching music lessons, which has been a dream job for me. After each lesson I can’t believe I have the privilege of bringing the magic of music into people’s lives, a catalyst for them to know the treasures that are inside of them.

I wrote my book, Cupid is a Procrasinator: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life in 2013. Whether it is my music, writing, or teaching, I pray that my motivation for creating is to love people well.

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