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Jennifer, Lenny, Brian, and ValLimar!

By July 12, 2021July 14th, 20212021 Festival

The 2021 Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues (#2)

Jennifer Knapp, Lenny Duncan, Brian McLaren, and ValLimar Jansen!

Jennifer Knapp, our 2021 Wild Goose Artist-in-Residence, will introduce us to some new friends and work with us to lean into creativity at our core.

Lenny Duncan, writer, witness, agitator, and long on our “get Lenny to the Goose” list, is here – at least will be here! Get ready for a challenge.

Brian McLaren, no better voice to gather the Goose at Thursday evening’s opener, will preach, will chat, will pastor, will teach – in other words he’ll do the Brian McLaren thing.

ValLimar Jansen, creative storyteller, evocative musician and a new Wild Goose favorite, is simply electric.


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