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Janis LeMieux

Venue Producer & Administrative Assistant 
Janis is a mom, former teacher, caterer, paralegal, learner, world traveler, seeker, and activist. She regularly serves as a Peace Marshal at social justice events – it keeps her honest, humble and on her best behavior – one arrest at the White House is probably enough – but that’s a story for another day.
Janis volunteers weekly, cooking, serving, and making new friends at the Redeemer Food Ministry. Having experienced homelessness and life on the edge of the precipice of poverty, Janis seeks to serve her brothers and sisters who may have fallen into hardship and encourages others who are experiencing abundance to understand that one’s immediate circumstances do not define the person. She sums up her life as trying to follow Jesus but most days just barely managing not to disappoint him.
She looks forward to helping make the Wild Goose Festival an experience where we all feel welcomed, accepted, loved and encouraged to be exactly who we are.

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