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Jane Voigts & Laura Gentry

Revs. Laura Gentry and Jane Voigts have been building unique bridges between comedy and theology for a long time.

Laura, currently the pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lansing, Iowa, is also an internationally known master of the spiritual and health practice known as “Laughter Yoga.” She has recorded 6 CD’s and created the book and film Laugh Friends: A Laughter Workout for Kids. Laura continues to lead a popular community Laughter Club at her church and an annual Laugh Fest that draws laughter leaders and sacred tomfoolery from around the nation.

Jane, a United Methodist pastor currently residing in Waverly, Iowa, was a professional comedian (and “Czarina of Fun”) before being called to bring her screwy sensibilities into the Church. She continues to explore how the Bible functions as a comedy, with, among other things, her show The Bible Cabaret: A Musical & Comedy Revue Starring the Old & New Testaments that she performs around the country. With several polyester pant suits.

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