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Jal, Mitchell, Pagitt, Davies, HuDost, and Haseltine!

By July 12, 20212021 Festival

Creating a Wild Goose world – TOGETHER!
The 2021 Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues (#6)

The World In Lights, Your Favorite Aunts, Erin, Robyn, and Josh!

Emmanuel Jal returns and we’ll all dance – a lot! Stan Mitchell re-discovers the new edge every day in his deeply personal, virtual pastoring and Everybody Church. Doug Pagitt makes a Wild Goose stop to challenge us around Christian Nationalism and more, as a part of his front-line based Vote Common Good work. Brenda Marie Davies brings her God Is Grey podcast point of view that both pushes the boundary and holds people safe – somehow all at the same time. HuDost, with special guest Dan Haseltine of the three-time Grammy winning Jars of Clay – well, it’s best described as Wild Goosey!


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