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mystic-word-smith-badge_zps79eb6f44The Healing & Recovery Tent
This year at the festival the Goose is making an intentional effort to craft  safe and sacred space for dialogue and practice for healing and recovery. This space will include intentionally selected programming encompassing a variety of “wounds” which impact both individuals and communities. All are welcome join us in delving into deeper exploration and solidarity with this hurting world and our hurting selves. Together, in dialogue and practice, we will seek paths to healing on the road to recovery from issues such as: trauma, addiction, grief/loss, historical and intergenerational abuses of people groups, dangers in at-risk communities, and more. The recovery programming will include looking at the many dimensions of addiction (from all of our own egos to substances) and will include daily 12-step meetings. Many thanks to Teresa B. Pasquale for coordinating programming for the Healing & Recovery tent.

co-luminate & Raphael Wellness collaboration

co-luminateco-luminate will have a space at the Wild Goose Festival to support the community building aspects of this potent and joyful time together. Drop-in with us for meditation and relaxing rejuvenation. We hold space for participant-focused offerings with the intention of emotional connection, relationship building, self-inquiry, and general depth of presence and conversation. The space will be utilized at some times for workshop-style offerings, but will mostly be non-programmed and spacious.

WGF13-BJ Harden Jones and Aaron Merit

co-luminate hosts:
Bj Harden Jones & Aaron Merit







Raphael Wellness
EMERGENCEBANNERRaphael Wellness will have a special presence at the Wild Goose Festival and will collaborate with co-luminate in creating space for meditation, conscious movement, and immersive activation experiences. The space that is held is a safe container for grounding, stretching, and decompression; sharing healing tools & techniques, relaxed ambiance, and zen vibes. Raphael also hosts a 20ft Sonic Dome with full-range pro audio sound casting ambient meditations and tribal beats, flowing in harmony with the vibration of the gathering.

The Ofrenda Pilgrimage Project
This will be one place where art and healing meet at the Wild Goose. Ofrendas are memorial shrines or altars which come from the Mexican tradition; they are a place to offer prayers and leave remembrances of those who have been loved and lost. At the festival we will create a pilgrim’s path [like “El Camino” in Spain] with ofrenda memorials for leaders of deep faith and great justice who came before us — some contemporaries we still mourn and, others, iconic figures of a global history of justice. The ofrendas will offer all a chance to follow its “pilgrim’s path” through the festival grounds and throughout the ages of justice.

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