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Love in a Dangerous Time
Love in a Dangerous Time is an ongoing discussion about a drastically changing church with its new problems and some of the forward thinking on where it can go. Host, Russ Jennings is a feral Christian from New York City. In a recent Sojo magazine article titled “How Daniel Berrigan Helped Save My Faith,” Evangelical leader and my guest on this in this podcast episode, Jim Wallis talks about his long and important friendhip with the late Father Berrigan. In this live episode/recording, we’ll talk of incredible legacy of this towering peacemaker.

Russ Jennings
Russ Jennings an avid reader and (in all modesty) an amazing cook. He’s from rural Michigan, spent a lot of years in the SF Bay Area, and now lives on the island at the center of the world, New York City. Russ has had many incarnations. His many years of concert production in the Bay Area led him to stage manage the Goose’s main stage for all but the first Wild Goose. In the last couple of years he has created a podcast ( that looks at Church issues. This year he’ll be found at the GooseCast tent.

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