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Pulpit Fiction: Lectionary podcast for preachers, seekers and Bible geeks
Pulpit Fiction is a weekly lectionary conversation hosted by Rev. Eric Fistler and Rev. Robb McCoy. We exegete and discuss the reading from the Revised Common Lectionary, and includes thoughts about pop culture and current events. It is for preachers looking for inspiration as well as any person of faith willing to think critically about their faith and the Bible. This episode we will be discussing Proper 12C, Luke 11:1-13 and Hosea 1:2-10.

UMC pastor, Robb McCoy, and UCC pastor, Eric Fistler, met in class at Eden Theological Seminary, got to know each other while playing volleyball on Eden’s church league team, and became friends after the games over pizza, wings, beer, and Police Trainer at Smugala’s. Though geographically apart, they conitnue to share a common passion for justice, mercy, and an abiding love for Jesus. They also a share a love for good scotch, the Bears (we won’t talk about baseball), Anchorman, The Office, and Star Wars.

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