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The Christian Feminist Podcast Parts 1 & 2
Carla Ewert of the Christian Feminist Podcast and Danny Anderson of the Sectarian Review Podcast live-record a discussion about Wild Goose for the Christian Humanist Radio Network.  In segment 2, we’ll discuss womanhood as Story. In conversation with other Wild Goose contributors, we’ll hear the stories they received in their various faith experiences, how they’ve responded to those stories, and how they’ve reshaped them in their lives and work.

Carla Ewert
Carla Ewert is a regular panelist on the Christian Feminist Podcast. Her work life is spent coordinating happenings for the OPEN Network, an initiative of Convergence. Carla is also a freelance writer and editor and recently co-founded Jot Writing Co. to give her an excuse to play with words, an obsession that began in childhood, continued through her Master’s degree in English, and persists to this day. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her family. On a summer day in the Twin Cities, she’s cycling on the city trails or playing at Lake Harriet. The long northern winters give her plenty of time for her other diversions—coffee and books.

Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson is an Assistant Professor of English at Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, Pennsylvania. He has been a contributor to the Christian Humanist Podcast for the last few years. He has hosted his own podcast, Sectarian Review since 2015.

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