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Wild Goose Festival Food Vendor Policies and Information


We will give preference to regionally based food vendors and vendors who exhibit the character and diverse tastes of the local food scene.


Food trucks: The fee is $300 for registration and $350 worth of product during the festival to feed our contributors. We will provide vouchers, you will write on each voucher what was purchased and the value. Each voucher will be good for food and beverage for one and should be worth an average of around $7.50. You will be reimbursed for the total amount on the vouchers in excess of $350 on Sunday afternoon at the end of the festival. Your fee covers space for your booth and admission tickets for your crew. We will provide camping on site near your booth for you and your crew and ask you to park your vehicles off site in space provided for you. We ask that all food runs to town be coordinated thru the food vendor coordinator and occur no more than twice during the festival. All appropriate taxes are the responsibility of the food vendor. All proceeds go to Wild Goose Inc., a non-profit organization. We are eager to develop a mutually rewarding relationship with food vendors which includes offering generous terms to those who prepare and sell food at the festival. We reserve the right to audit sales receipts to ensure compliance with the vendor agreement. Once your application is accepted, information regarding payment of booth fee will be emailed to you.


In anticipation of a possible inspection by the Health Department, all vendors need to be set up and ready for inspection by Thursday, September 2 at 2 pm.


Vendors will be assigned a space for a booth or food truck.  Once spots have been designated, there can be no switching without the permission of the food vendor coordinator. Once your booth is set up, you will need to move all other vehicles to  the staff and vendor lot. Each vendor has full responsibility for the security of his or her goods, property and booth at all times. Each vendor also has full responsibility of workers while at the festival.

Vendors may begin setting up their booths/trucks on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Should any vendor’s spot remain unoccupied by noon on Thursday,  the Festival reserves the right to forfeit their spot without refund and use the space for any other purpose.

All vendors must keep booths intact and open until midnight on all three nights of the festival, and are encouraged to stay open later depending on demand. No early breakdown.  You may begin breakdown on Sunday morning and need to be off site by Sunday at 8:00 p.m. If vendors need to camp on Sunday night, please notify Festival staff so that we may account for your presence.

No Guarantee of Results

While we are confident that Wild Goose Festival presents ample opportunity for vendors, The Festival does not warrant or guarantee any particular results from vending at Wild Goose Festival nor does it guarantee any particular number of attendees during the event.

Food Allergies

Vendors are asked to please post signs if you will have nuts in your preparation area and which present a cross-contamination risk.

Serving Materials/Trash/Recycling

We are working to reduce trash at all Wild Goose events and require food vendors to use recyclable or compostable serving materials!

Each vendor must provide trash and recycling containers, with lids, and liners for their booth area, and must keep their site clean with all debris removed, and all trash and recycling placed in trash receptacles and recycling bins upon departure.

Waxed paper
Paper or Wood
Aluminum foil
Engineered compostables (such as PLA, Bagasse, etc., more info below) which are identified as “Biodegradable.”

#6 polystyrene or any other type of Styrofoam
Plastic Drink Straws or Lids
Any Plastics (including Cutlery, Cups etc.) unless they are recyclable
Individual packets of condiments are not allowed due to the high contamination rate in the compost.
Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Any exceptions must be approved by Wild Goose Staff.

There are a number of companies from which you can buy compostable materials. Please feel free to do this on your own. Here are some suggestions:

Jack’s Boxes (located in Asheville)
World Centric
Trellis Earth
Good Start Packaging
For a list go to:


Vendor assumes all liability resulting from improperly or undercooked food or beverages as well as any liability or judgement resulting from malfunctioning or misuse of equipment including but not limited to tents, tables and cooking equipment.

Electricity and Utilities: 

Preference is given to vendors willing and able to provide for their own power needs. Please inform us if you will need access to the gray water tanks.

Total electrical amperage

An additional $25 must be added onto your booth fee check for electricity should you want it. Please explain in detail your exact electrical needs and include all amperage draws on all electrical appliances that you will bring. Contact an electrician or the manufacturer if you are not sure. Please bring your own extension cords at least 100’ in length and with the appropriate gauge. Vendors must provide own backup power source.

Health Dept. Requirements

Health Department forms must be completed and arrive at the Health Department no later than 4 weeks before the event. 

Madison County Temporary Food Establishment Application  and
N.C. Dept of Health and Human Svcs., Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments

Inability to Perform

If Festival staff should elect not to or be prevented from hosting the Festival or cannot permit the vendor to occupy a space due to circumstances beyond the Festival or Vendor’s control including but not limited to acts of God, Festival will refund to Vendor the amount of rental paid.  Should such occurrences happen during the Festival, vendor will received a pro-rated refund. After refund, the Festival shall have no other obligation or liability to the Vendor.

Rules and Regulations

Festival staff shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all policies contained in this agreement and may make additional policies as necessary for the proper conduct of the Festival.

Prohibited Sales

No vendor may sell alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances

Submission of an application to be a vendor constitutes acceptance of this vendor agreement.


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