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Doug Paggit | OPEN Faith tent coordinator

“I’ve been at every Wild Goose Festival, including the west-coast one in Portland. If by some odd set of circumstances we were to meet at a party where neither of us knew the host and were both the party-partners of someone else and we were trapped in the kitchen and in a kind effort you sought to break the awkward silence by saying, “so, who are you?”, I would want to tell you that deep down I am an aspiring novice ultra marathoner who at that very moment wishes I was out on a run. But instead, in order to fit the protocol of casual, professional interactions I would tell you that I am a pastor, an author, a convener who seeks to be a goodness conspirator & possibility evangelist finding creative, entrepreneurial and generative ways to enlist people to join in the hopes, dreams, and desires of God for the world . . .”

Doug’s website

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