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Doug King

Doug King (Graduate Study, Theology and Biblical Languages) is an author, speaker, and President of Presence International, an Integral Theology think tank revisioning the role of spirituality for the common good. Doug has a background in business, being founder and CEO of a technology company in Atlanta, Ga. for 20 years. Doug serves on the Advisory Board for Forum 21, a nonprofit dedicated to education and activism surrounding the UN Sustainability Goals.

Doug’s passion is a trans-narrative reframing of the biblical narrative, illustrating its move away from insular in-group concerns to an All-in-All God as our source. In his work in Integral Theology, Doug overlays sacred history with the comprehensive macro-developmental model Spiral Dynamics. Transcending us vs them dichtomies, Scripture comes alive again, revealing an all-encompassing spirituality inviting us to let go of alienation and live in full presence and connection – with God, self, each other, and our planet.

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