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Covenant Agreement of Wild Goose Festival Volunteers

I hereby release the Wild Goose, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “WGF” or “Wild Goose Festival”), its partners, officers, directors, employees, agents, and volunteers for all claims, demands, and causes of action arising out of or in any way related to my involvement with the WGF. My involvement with the WGF is voluntary, and I am participating at my own risk.

Code of Ethics

The WGF’s reputation for integrity and for providing a fun and amazing atmosphere to those desiring justice, interested in the intersection of spirituality and art is its most valuable asset and is directly related to the conduct of its employees and its volunteers. Therefore, employees and volunteers must never use their positions with WGF, or any of its clients, for private gain, to advance personal interests or to obtain favors or benefits for themselves, members of their families or any other individuals, corporations or business entities.

The WGF adheres to the highest legal and ethical standards applicable. The WGF’s business is conducted in the strict observance of both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and the integrity of each employee and volunteer is of utmost importance.

Employees and Volunteers of the WGF shall conduct their personal affairs in such a fashion that their duties and responsibilities to the WGF are not jeopardized and/or legal questions do not arise with respect to their association or work with the WGF.

Policies and Protocols

As a vital part of our work and team each volunteer is expected to adhere to the following policies and protocols.

  • All volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation. Should you want to bring a friend, family member or guest for your shift, this person must be approved through the office of the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Be dependable and punctual. If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible, minimally 48 hours ahead of your scheduled time commitment. Our staff and festival depend on our volunteers, and “no call/no shows” can create problems.
  • Onsite communication will be difficult to maintain with electronics while in Hot Springs. Make sure you have agreed to your shifts before showing up to WGF. It is your responsibility to be on time for your shifts.
  • Check in at the Registration booth when you arrive for your volunteer assignment, sign the volunteer notebook and wear your ID badge and t shirt
  • Alcohol and drug use are strictly prohibited during your shift. Please do not come to your shift intoxicated.
  • Camping: Volunteers will be given a free tent camping pass. It is your responsibility to secure a tent or

make arrangements for it to be set up through a vendor.

  • Parking: Volunteers will receive a parking pass for their vehicle. Once the camp ground is closed for vehicles, you will not be able to keep your vehicle on site, except in the parking lot
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards attendees, contributors, other volunteers and staff members. All conversations and conduct should be appropriate to and supportive of the Wildgoose Festival program services. Should you have a problem, please seek the nearest staff member or Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Transporting others is not permitted, except by WGF approved vehicles with approved drivers.
  • Volunteers have a right to be acknowledged and to know they are appreciated for their contributions. Recognition will be an on-going process and references are always provided upon request for volunteers in good standing.
  • Personal Touch- Volunteers should not attempt to pick up a child that is not theirs without explicit permission from a parent. WGF volunteers will ask permission before attempting to hug anyone, and in doing so, will offer a safe hug from the side or a fist bump. Some people have been hurt by touch, and some will go on to be healed by touch, but WGF volunteers should make sure they are filtering every touch through love, safety, and concern for another.

In order to restore all to unity with one another and with the Wild Goose among us, we commit to brave listening and make this covenant with each other to engage in deep listening and presence as acts of revolutionary love:

  • I will create a hospitable space where people can share freely, listening and speaking from the heart with openness and without fear of attack.
  • I will be present. I will minimize distraction. Instead of multi-tasking, listening to fix, listening to agree/disagree, convert or proselytize, or not listening as I prepare what I want to say, I will show focused curiosity and respect to each person who shares.
  • I welcome silence as a component of conversation. Instead of rushing to fill silence with words, I will let the silence lead me into deeper reflection and understanding.
  • I will respect confidentiality. I agree not to share what transpires in our conversations here without asking and receiving permission. And when writing about my experiences I will treat each person with dignity and honor the divine spark within them.
  • I am willing for a conversation to end without resolution, remembering that each episode of conversation is unfinished, and that its incompleteness creates the space and need for future conversations.
  • I am willing to exclude policing, fixing, correcting, saving, interrupting, arguing, or advice-giving from our conversations – unless specific help is explicitly requested from me. I will strive to remember that intruding with unsolicited advice, correction, policing, or fixes, can pre-empt and drown out the voice of the Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit, the Wild goose.
  • I will use questions to “listen one another into free and safe speech.” Instead of asking
    rhetorical, leading, or challenging/testing questions, I will ask questions that are honest expressions
    of my sincere desire to understand. I will acknowledge the speaker’s effort and willingness to be open to questions.
  • I acknowledge we all make mistakes. When I realize I have not kept one of these agreements, I will not overly chastise myself, nor will I deny, minimize, or make excuses. I will acknowledge my mistake with clear statements and I will apologize using simple, direct “I” statements: “I made a mistake when I said … I apologize.”
  • I will treat our conversations as sacred space or holy ground, striving to receive others as if receiving the Love itself so that we may be reconciled with each other.

I understand that I am serving as a volunteer for the WGF and that I will not be compensated for my efforts. I hereby release and hold harmless the Wild goose Festival Inc. by any injury sustained by me. I knowingly and freely assume all risk associated with my participation at the WGF. I understand, and agree that photographs, images, or other likenesses of me or quotes attributed by me may be used by the WGF.

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