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The Collection

It didn’t take long for David Wimbish’s solo project to become a full band. The community that had inspired his music quickly began to embody the songs, wielding instruments last played in middle school marching band, and fulfilling ‘the Collection’s name. Coming from Greensboro, North Carolina, their songs stem from an awareness of their state’s folk roots, and an appreciation of orchestral and world music.

After the loss of dear friends and family, the band released their first full length, “Ars Moriendi”, featuring over 25 musicians, and wrestling with questions of mortality and spirituality, followed by “Listen To The River,” a second full length exploring a loss and repositioning of faith. As the last year has brought more focus to the Collection, both in size and in vision, they released their 3rd record, “Entropy,” while still retaining their original inspiration and muse – the community of those intrigued by the mystery of life.

July 11, 2019 8:15 pm The Wild Goose Gathering Party with The Collection
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