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A Wild, New, Big and Broader Bible
Pre-Festival Offering
Thursday July 11
9 am – 5 pm

cost: $59.00


The Wild, New, Big and Broader Bible takes on the raw and ready way the Bible digs deep, rips open new territory, and makes real big new churches for us to live in. It will have us singing, poetically opening our hearts, and throwing ourselves into wild hope.

Highlights include:

  • Hal Taussig and Su Yon Pak on ancient divine Feminine the second century text, “The Thunder: Perfect Mind,”
  • Chebon Kernell working with us to see how Native practice often outshines the Bible in honoring and connecting us the land and the earth,
  • Hal Taussig with an overview on the on ten New Books of a New Testament,
  • Victoria Loorz, Valerie Serrels, and other Wild Church leaders helping restore sacred relationships by connecting with the natural world,
  • Su Yon Pak more around The Thunder: Perfect Mind with “Daughters Reflecting on Care, Loss, and Meaning.

The Wild, New, Big and Broader Bible is an engaging, encouraging, stimulating, experiential pre-festival day together at Wild Goose.

Hal Taussig
Author of 16 books, retired Professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, Professor of Bible at Chestnut Hill College, national and international lecturer, and featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Daily Show, People Magazine, Newsweek, Time, Brian Lehrer Show, the History Channel, the Bob Edwards Show, Washington Post, and Philadelphia Inquirer

Su Yon Pak
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean, and Associate Professor at Union Theological Seminary, New York, author or co-author of several books including the powerful Sisters in Mourning

Chebon Kernell
Native American theologian, recipient of the Religious Literacy Award, ordained Elder in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference working to challenge the Church to improve relationships with indigenous people and shared perspectives on indigenous communities’ history and the work being done, and how people can stand in solidarity

Victoria Luna Loorz
Author of Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred, wild church pastor, co-founder of Wild Church Network, eco-spiritual director

Valerie Luna Serrels
Co-founder and director of Wild Church Network, founder/spiritual leader Shenandoah Valley Church, eco-spiritual guide

Check In for pre-festival events will be available on Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and Thursday from 7am to 9 am.

If you’re tent camping, there’s no additional campsite charge for Wednesday night.
Some campsite locations are restricted due to large venue tent construction in several areas.
RV campers will need to purchase an additional night.

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