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Papy Fisher

Papy is a warrior-lover, attempting to love every person in the world with the One True Love. His paying gig is being an Outreach Pastor at Fellowship of Christ, EPC in Cary, NC where he is given amazing latitude to teach, train, equip and release some of the most giving and loving individuals in God’s green earth. Papy, when asked what he believes, considers himself “ biblically conservative and socially liberal”. Yes – oxymoronic, but that complexity is Love and Papy is all about Love.

In an attempt to revitalize and invigorate the faith-life of young adults in his circles, Papy has founded Desanka which is more of a movement rather than an organization or mission arm of a church. Through Desanka (and another non-profit he helped co-found called Journeymen Triangle, a mentoring network for boys and men), Papy hopes to mobilize a generation of “Lovers-of-Jesus” that seek to love others in the worth, the words, and ways of Jesus.

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