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Micah Royal

Micah Royal has served in various contexts working to tear down barriers between people and working to speak up against injustice. Previously he has worked as a pastor working to tear down barriers of racism and homophobia and currently he serves as a hospice chaplain, interim pastor, and as Vice President of the Eastern NC Association of the United Church of Christ. On his podcast the Progressive Redneck Preacher, Micah tries to continue this process by lifting up voices and stories often overlooked here in the south.

During “The Power of Story to Interrupt Entrenched Injustice” we will be exploring the ways in which the gift of story – both listening to others’ stories and sharing our own – can help disrupt patterns of injustice. You will also be invited to explore your own stories and experience disrupting patterns of injustice in your community.

99 The Power of Story

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