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Elizabeth Rawlings

Rev. Elizabeth Rawlings (she/her) is the ELCA pastor at The Sanctuary, The Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry to The University of Washington. She writes both liturgy and commentary for The Disrupt Worship Project and is active in anti-racism work wherever she lands. She is also currently investigating how to create more rites and rituals (public and private) to help people remember their innate connection to the Holy Spirit. A native Clevelander, she has moved around a lot and currently considers Seattle home (though her heart will always live in Cleveland). Elizabeth has a BA from Warren Wilson College, attended both The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary for her M. Div, and also holds a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University. She hikes less than she wishes she did, plays more video games than she would like, and is the punkest hippie you will ever meet.

134 Disruptive Worship: Liturgy for justice

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