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Abstract Art as Meditation

Fri Noon | Healing Arts

Sacil Armstrong

Meditation is a mystery for many, but the Zentangle® Method makes it simple and fun! If you can write your name, you can create beautiful abstract art while achieving a state of calm and focus. Use 5 basic shapes to create repeating patterns. By concentrating on each mark you make, you bring yourself into the present and create a piece of unique black and white art to document your meditation journey. With regular practice, you can develop your own artistic style and enjoy some of the scientifically-proven benefits of meditation: stress and anxiety relief, improved work efficiency, healthy blood pressure, increased creativity, improved cognitive function, and good sleep.

Sacil Armstrong

Sacil Armstrong is an Intuitive Coach based out of Roanoke, VA. She helps individuals break down inner barriers that block personal growth and slow down progress towards their goals. She also facilitates corporate and community groups to reduce work stress and improve communication. She is an award-winning grassroots community leader and owner of art & being, where she leads clients through self-discovery and provides remote energy healing. She can be reached on social media at @artbeingva or at

97 Art Meditation

Session #97

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