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The Potential of Paper: Making Art with the Ordinary

Nicole Farley

Sat Noon | Studio

With so much paper crossing our paths every day, from mail we receive to leftover bulletins to greeting cards, we are constantly supplied generously with an inexpensive medium for art. The workshop will guide participants in ways to use what we have at hand to make art with skills accessible to anyone and on projects which can easily be translated into contexts back at home.

Nicole Farley

Nicole Farley

Community Artist
The Rev. Nicole Farley is an ordained pastor in the PC(USA). She most recently served a congregation in Waukesha, WI, and now serves as the founder and pastoral artist with A New Creation, an arts ministry which brings communities into the creation of worship-ful art together. She and her husband live in Gurnee, IL, and together they have an adult son named Jim and a greyhound named Buddy. Besides art and lived theology, she’ll gladly have a conversation about books, podcasts, music, and movies.

85 Making Art with the Ordinary
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