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Faith-based Filmmaking in the Trump Era

4 PM Fri | Greater Things

Eric Machiela, Evan Koons

A discussion with the filmmakers of “Camp Manna”, a new genre of faith-based film that they dub as satire with soul. The discussion will be around creating Christian films and art in a time when resistance is needed from spiritual communities to respond to the era of Trump. what it means to be prophetic artists in film, why it has not worked in the past, and where do we go from here.

Eric Machiela

Eric Machiela grew up in picturesque Holland, Michigan, a town which proudly boasts as many churches as people. He went through the Holland Christian school system from pre-school through graduation. Via peer pressure, he participated in Christian summer camps, the Cadets (Boy Scouts with a lot more Jesus), and Young Life. He became a counselor at a Christian camp in the summer of 2002. He was fired after 6 weeks. In one way or another, his Christian upbringing (which he still loves) has informed his filmmaking and the stories he pursues. He has co-written three feature films and produced five, all of which have won zero Dove Awards. Camp Manna is his co-directorial debut and a passion project that took 14 years from its Genesis to its Revelations.

434 Faith-based Filmmaking in the Trump Era

Evan Koons

Evan Koons is producer, writer, and actor. He was a co-producer on Camp Manna and also played the role of Bradley Sommers. Perhaps best known for the viral sensation “Church Appropriate Dance Moves,” Evan was also the host and co-writer of the 7-part series “For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles.” He penned the acclaimed hospice documentary “Except for Six,” a film Ken Burns called “heartfelt and important.” He also wrote for “Exploring Kaman,” a reality television series about NBA All-Star Chris Kaman. CBS Sports said it “looks insane.” It was. Other credits include “Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson” with Christopher Lloyd.

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