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Want to change the world?- A very practical guide to getting elected.

Sat 4 PM | Library

Joe McLean

Elections matter. Just look at Donald Trump. But before you can change the world, you have to get elected. Political campaigns are not what most people think, but winning campaigns have certain elements in common. There are a few simple, common sense, concepts which work because they’re grounded in real research into human nature – how we perceive the world and how we make decisions. We’ll lay it out for you. We’ll also give you a practical guide to the actual mechanics of campaigning – how to get on the ballot, how to frame a winning message, and how to get that message to those voters who matter in your election. Who does what job in campaigns. How to raise money – and how to stay out of trouble with the law and the press. Come learn how it works, then go change the world.

Joe McLean

A veteran political and public affairs specialist with a winning history in groundbreaking political campaigns, not-for-profit institutions and advocacy organizations, McLean was part of the founding leadership team of Barack Obama’s successful U.S. Senate race and managed Governor L. Douglas Wilder’s historic election in Virginia. He is widely recognized for breaking new strategic ground to keep his clients ahead of the political curve. McLean established the development structure for, which rose to prominence by making the voices of soldiers and veterans heard in the debate about the Iraq war. McLean currently serves as President of the Crockett Policy Institute, a non-partisan think-tank dedicated to finding practical solutions to policy roadblocks in our hyper-partisan, divided polity. McLean lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Kiki McLean and their two children.

387 Down and (not) Dirty, a Practical Guide to Getting Elected

Session #387

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