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Sidebar Stories: Storytelling for Social Change

Fri Noon | Studio

And drop in any time at Sidebar Stories or the Studio to make your storyboard

Ron King with Debbie King, John Kauffman, Debbie Clevenger

Here, you’ll learn to organize and present life experiences in a simple and undeniable story. This interactive session teaches structure and biology of the Sidebar Story format. Using an effective story pathway allows you to tell your life story in a way that is memorable and capable of shifting dominant social narratives. Drop in the Sidebar Stories space near the Studio Tent anytime to meet the Sidebar Stories team and pick up materials to draw the change you want to see by making your own storyboard. Frame your storyboard, display it during the festival and take it home with you. Sidebar Stories can also post your story online for others who need to know things you’ve learned. Hand drawn storyboards are about authenticity, not artistic ability or performance storytelling. They can also be used to create a dynamic graphic record of your life together in community.

Stop by the Sidebar Stories space to find your muse in someone who listens and cares about what you have to say. It’s surprising what a good ear can do to reveal an untold story. Let’s talk about how your story can be used to make a real difference in the world.

Session #361

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