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Musical Performance: Infielder

Fri Noon | Café

A simple acoustic trio challenge assumptions and narratives with dense lyrics, tight harmonies, and catchy songs once flatteringly described as “beautiful acoustical music played well”. Listeners are encouraged to engage in improvised audience participation and visual displays. If the spirit moves, there will be dancing. Fun will most certainly be had but be warned: white dudes plus acoustic instruments don’t always equal bluegrass. Neal Curran-Mandolin, Peter Daaleman-Bass, Will Postlethwait-Guitar.



Infielder is a Durham NC-based acoustic trio that formed to work the edges of folk, rock, jazz, classical, and what-have-you. Infielder explores complex musical and lyrical themes through hooks and melodies that get stuck in your ear. Find Infielder at

357 Musical Performance: Infielder

Session #357

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