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Discovering Self-care in worship: The importance of healing spaces

Fri 1 PM | GooseCast

Maya Camille, Laura Kigweba James, Tamika Jancewicz

Self-care is more than hot tea and yoga. Self Care manifests in the spaces we create. With For Collard Girls we have created healing, loving space where worship happens, where God is present and tangible to us. Our podcast is a practice of self-care that empowers us and can be shared with our communities to help transform our world. We believe it is important to craft spaces where everyone sees God reflected in them.We are eager to have this conversation live on the Goosecaster stage with all of you. For Collard Girls: A podcast

Maya Camille

Maya Camille is a spoken word artist from Baltimore City. She is currently working on a new project titled “To Baltimore, with love”. It will be a visual spoken word album. Ms. Camille is also the Social Media Manager and co-host of the amazing podcast For Collard Girls. To follow her art journey and see her progress on “To Baltimore with love” you can follow her Twitter and Instagram @camilladakilla_.

332 Discovering Self -care in worship

Laura James

332 For Collard Girls

Tamika Jancewicz

Tamika is a seminarian from United Lutheran Seminary, currently on a two-year concurring internship at Christ Luther in Washington, DC. She is a mother and partner, and one of three co-hosts of a podcast called For Collard Girls.

332 Discovering Self -care in worship

Session #332

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